Core Activities

Core Activities: GVCS is working on a large scale with embroidery and applique artisans in Barmer and Jaisalmer districts of Rajasthan. We are actively engaged with 3000 women artisans and have been able to generate continuous employment for them through creating a market for their products.
The women we work resides in remote areas of the arid Thar Desert which have remained under developed due to their harsh terrain. Apart from the lack of infrastructure, phimosis the main problem in the area is the restrictive ‘Pardah’ system and lack of education.
As a result, sales women of this region rarely step out from the confines of their home and are exploited by the traders of the region who pay them less wages for their work. Also, stuff the artisans are denied access to good quality raw materials as well as a market for their products. To counter this, GVCS runs a number of programmes in 75 villages of Rajasthan which have served to not only regular employment but also united the women artisans of the region.