Vision, Mission & Philosophy


Vision: To create a society void of exploitation and deprivation of any kind.

1. All round development of human society without discrimination on the basis of caste or community.
2. To benefit the rural community, cure  specifically the Dalits, such that their social and economic weaknesses are relieved and they can become self-reliant and self respective members of society.
3. To remove discrimination on the basis of rich and poor and contribute to creation of equitable society.
4. To create awareness among the rural population about their rights, specifically through meetings, gatherings and other participatory exercises.
5. To assist those affected by natural and other calamities through need based interventions.
6. To organise programmes for the education of the girl child, the security and strengthening of women.
7. To run schools, colleges and hostels.
8. To provide employment opportunities to the unemployed through creation of small and micro enterprises.
9. To create and train Self Help Groups (SHGs) and market their products.
10. To preserve and promote embroidery, patchwork, applique and other handicraft artisans through design interventions, marketing and promotional activities.
11. To run national family welfare schemes, cleanliness drives, anti-pollution campaigns, AIDS prevention and anti-addiction drives.
12. To strengthen Panchayati Raj Institutions.
13. To assist in the organisation of cultural programmes, preservation of folk art and religious functions.
14. To implement social welfare schemes of the Central as well as State (Rajasthan) government.
15. To seek aid from national and international organisations in the furtherance of its stated goals.
16. To run programmes that benefit people from all walks of life.